ENV Services Limited underscores the fact that education is mandatory to each and every Tanzania citizen. However, such professions as excelled by the Company need be nurtured, need be supported. Universities in Tanzania and allover the world offer courses which require the students to undertake research as part of partial fulfillment of their degree awards. In achieving this, the students are required to prepare a research titles and write research proposals leading to pursue the proposed researches. However, the researches in “knowledge demanding” thematic areas are seldom undertaken by students due to limited resources, which are required to accomplish them. This is because the research grants offered to students do not suffice “expensive” costs. As a result, students are forced to undertake their research in limited or common themes, which erodes their innovative thinking capacity that we are striving to build. Besides discouraging students’ enrollment in science subjects, this practice limits application of the knowledge obtained by students during the entire period of their theoretical studies.

We acknowledge that research equipment in such “demanding” areas of energy and environment are inadequate in the Tanzania universities. In participating to bridge this gap and for the purpose of contribution to scientific knowledge, we have designed a program known as Higher Education Science Reseach Support (HESRS) program. The program is open to all higher institution of learning students in availing equipment and knowledge. The overall outcome of the program is from the fact that an organized way of students’ research undertaking provides Tanzania’s long term benefits in terms of generating knowledge leading to technology development and innovations, which is the main driver to our socio economic development.

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